Decentralised Teaching and Learning

“Not all who wander are lost”. J R R Tolkien

What annoys you about this website?

The first post on this blog went up on the 23rd of September last year, so ‘Decentralised Teaching and Learning’ will be one year old next month! Yippee! All presents nicely gift-wrapped please…


So I thought it was time to take stock. What I’d like to do, after nearly a year of blogging, is to ask for your feedback on the blog.

It’s important for me to know what you think because, as I’ve said before, in Decentralised systems (e.g. Linux, Bitcoin) the end user is important; you play a role in maintaining, improving and propagating the system. So I should practice what I preach!

What annoys you about this blog?
What do you like?
Why do you visit this blog?

This survey takes a few minutes – and there’s a free lollipop at the end! It’s completely anonymous, and you can read other teacher’s comments also. It’s embedded below, or you can take it here.

So thanks in advance for your feedback, it’s really valuable and will help me write future content. Also if there is anyone who is interested in writing a guest post – get in touch!


thanks again,




Present from flickr, pure9, CC License 2.0.

Rainbow Lollipops from flickr, Stephanie Kilgast, CC License 2.0.

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