Decentralised Teaching and Learning

“Not all who wander are lost”. J R R Tolkien

Want to write a blog post for #dctl?

If you are interested in writing a blog post for #dctl then just PM me at

Or comment below.

The posts should ideally be in some way related to the core idea of decentralised teaching and learning:

devolving power and responsibility to learners in order to maximise language learning.

Related subjects I’m interested in are: startups, startup methodology, materials-free teaching, materials-free lesson plans, task-based learning, learner autonomy and syllabus design.

Also, anything else that’s interesting and ‘fits’ with the style of the blog, no matter how left-field.

Here’s a few suggested posts (that I don’t have time to write myself):

 – ‘Lean’ language learning

 – Technology and decentralised learning

 – Decentralised learning groups/ meetups/ ‘stammtisches’

Unfortunately in the past, several people have agreed to write blog posts for this blog and a previous blog ‘So you want to pass the TESOL Diploma‘.

And they didn’t (pulls out handkerchief…)

So, please only contact me if you intend to see your blog post through to the end (I don’t mind helping you if I have time).

Finally, I’m a big fan of the words

“be the first, be unique, be different”.

Check out the video.

And get in touch if you have an interesting idea for a blog post!



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